Having great fun playing Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity with my girlfriend.

It's so cold.

Not thinking of taking the COVID-19 vaccine until the most vulnerables and significantly many have.


Working for JP Morgan as Software Engineer from home with my new office chair. I am saving 2 hours of commute every work day which I spent relaxing instead.


Reading "The Millionaire Fastlane" by MJ DeMarco.

Implemented Webemention into my own website and blog, please send me some webmentions! Hope is not high, but I think it's something worth doing to rekindle my interest in personal software development.


Film and digital photography. Instagram account is @tommy_ku, new post every day.

Currently own: Agfa Solina x3, Ansco Memar, Agfa Isoly 100, BelOMO AGAT 18K.


Running 8K with my bro twice a week. My bro has recovered, now we do 5:40 min/km pace.

Still overweight by 6kg. Sleeping late, can't resist snacks.


  • Move from Digital Ocean to fully self-hosting
  • Migrate to a Google Photo replacement
  • Lose weight
  • Buy a flat

Updated on — inspired by Derek Sivers's and I am kinda ditching Facebook